Real-time heartbeat monitoring for a healthier life.

Heart Care - Patients

Now you can quickly, conveniently and safely track your heart rate, during all day and anywhere.

Without the need for any device, you can now monitor the health of your heart, and be always up to date with your medical appointments.

Have visibility into how your health responds to their daily activities, and keep an increasingly healthy and controlled routine.

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Heart Care is IBM Watson's™ global partner using computational cognitive intelligence to generate more accurate results, understand patient behavior, and accelerate discoveries.

By connecting Doctors and Patients within IBM Watson™ we have the incredible possibility of boosting, integrating and generating a transformation in people's lives.

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Live a healthy experience!

With Heart Care you will find that any medical treatment has better results when the patient has high self-esteem.

That's why we have put together the best content to inspire you, like: Tips of amazing places to travel, delicious recipes for healthier foods, a new workout, a good book or an exciting movie.

In addition to that, the latest research results that are being carried out in several countries, in the best hospitals and with the best teams of Cardiology.