Privacy Policy Heart Care

This Privacy Policy describes how Heart Care (or "App") collects, stores, uses, and shares your information when you use our Services.

The purpose of collecting and using information is to always improve intelligence about cardiac health information and Users' activity context in order to be scientifically analyzed to provide better services to all our Users.

Heart Care receives your information whenever you access the App and uses our resources ("Services"), and by using the App, you accept the collection, storage, use and sharing of your information, as described in this Privacy Policy, in compliance with the GDPR in force, as well as in compliance with the privacy requirements of HIPAA.


Heart Care may collect information in the following ways:

1. Information that the User transmits to us. To access all the sections and features of Heart Care, the Users will provide their registration details. While using the App, for example, questions about context, interests and needs of the User may be sent in the form of an opinion poll.

2. Information we collect from your use of our services. We collect information about User actions while browsing the App. This information includes:

a) Device Information: We collect specific device information (eg, hardware model, operating system version, unique product identifiers and mobile network information including phone number).

b) Registration information: When the User uses the service provided by the App, we automatically collect and store some information in the server's records. This includes:

details of how the User has used our Services,

Internet Protocol (IP) address,

device event information such as problems, system activity, hardware settings, device language, date and time of your requests to the system App,

cookies that can identify your device and your Heart Care User account.

c) Location Information. When you use the Heart Care services, we collect and process information about the current location of the User, which is a necessary data for the use of the Services.

In addition, we use various location-determining technologies such as IP address, GPS, and other sensors that can, for example, provide to Heart Care information about devices, Wi-Fi hotspots, and nearby cell towers.

d) Local storage. We may collect and store information (including personal information) locally on your device using mechanisms such as data caches.

e) Cookies and similar technologies. We, jointly with our partners, use various technologies to collect and store information when the User visits the Heart Care. Such information may include the use of cookies or similar technologies to identify the User device.

The information we collect when the User is connected to the App, in addition to the User information we receive from our partners, may be associated with your registration with Heart Care.

When information is associated with the User's registration, we treat it as personal information.

To see more information about how the user can access, manage, or delete information associated with the use of cookies, read the Heart Care Cookies Use Policy section below.


We use the information we collect in all of our Services to provide, maintain, protect and improve these, and develop new Services, and protect Heart Care and our Users. We also use this information to provide you with content that is better suited to your interests and needs.

The personal information of each User ("Personal Data") will always be treated by Heart Care as confidential, and may only be disclosed to third parties with the authorization of the User, Court order, or in a way that not individually identify each User ("Anonymous Data"), as provided in the Terms of Use.


What are Cookies?

Cookies are text files generated by this App and transferred to your device.

Cookies are used to optimize your browsing experience, when allowed by the level of security you set up with the App. Whenever your device is set up as such, we will use cookies as explained.

The cookies used by the App are intended to identify user browsing trends, seeking to enhance and customize their future accesses, such as browsed pages or clicked links.

Any of the cookies used are not used to run programs, nor do they allow the infection of your computer with viruses or malicious programs.

Even when your device is configured to allow cookies to be installed, but you want to remove installed cookies and prevent the storage of new cookies, you can do so immediately and without any hindrance by turning this feature off on your device and deleting all possible cookies cookies already implemented.

In this way, we recommend that you configure your device to the level of security you want before starting your experience on our App, on all devices you want to use.

How the APP uses the cookies?

The cookies used on the App meet the legal requirements and are classified in the following categories: Strictly Needed Cookies; Performance Cookies; Functional Cookies; and Targeting Cookies.

1. Strictly Needed Cookies: These are cookies that allow you to navigate the App and use essential features, such as secure areas, for example. These cookies do not store any information about you that can be used in product or service communication actions or to remember the pages navigated in the App.

For what we use them:

Identify it as a logged-in user.

Remember information that you have previously entered.

Make sure that you connect to the Service in our App when we make some changes in how it works.

2. Performance Cookies: Performance cookies collect information about how you use our App, for example, which sections you visit, whether they have errors, errors in forms, and so on.

These cookies do not collect any information that may identify you. All information collected is encrypted, anonymous and only used to help improve the way the App works, understand what matters to our users, and measure the effectiveness of our communication.

For what we use them:

Provide statistics on how our App is used.

Check the efficiency of our communication.

Provide information to our partners that one of our Users has also visited your site. This allows our partners to improve their services.

Help improve this App by measuring errors that may occur.

To make improvements and improvements in our App due to the navigation behavior of our users.

3. Functional Cookies: Functional cookies are used to provide services or to remember navigation settings in order to enhance your experience.

For what we use them:

Remember the configurations that you have applied, inside the App.

Remind if we have already asked if you want to fill out a survey, so that we do not have to ask you repeatedly.

Make possible live chat chats for support.

Share information with partners so that eventually Heart Care can offer you more effectively our Services. The shared information may only be used to provide and enhance the Service, and not for any other purpose.

4. Targeting Cookies: Targeting cookies are linked to services provided by third parties, such as, for example, "Like" and "Share" buttons contained in third party websites or applications other than Heart Care. The third party provides these services by acknowledging that you have visited our App, but in no way should be confused with Heart Care itself.

For what we use them:

To connect to social networks like Facebook, which, being third parties and for which we have no control, may subsequently use information about your visit to direct advertising of your interest to you on other sites.

Provide to advertising agencies information about your visit and navigation, and for them to be able to show you relevant ads according to your browsing profile.

Regarding the cookies mentioned above, you can control whether they will be used or not (see topic "How to Disable the Cookies" below), but your blocking may prevent us from offering some services or impairing good experience and navigation in the App.

How to disable the Cookies?

Usually settings to disable cookies are present in the Options or Preferences menu of your device.

The cookies' policies practiced by this App are safe and necessary for the proper use of the Heart Care Services.

If you choose not to accept and / or execute them the behavior of some of these tools and some of the devices offered may have their functions compromised during your experience of using the App.

Modifications of the Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest version of the policy will govern the use of your information and will always be available through the App. By continuing to access the Services after these changes take effect, you agree to be bound by the updated Privacy Policy.

Whenever changes are substantial in how we collect and use the information, we will notify all Users, who shall expressly accept the new content of the Privacy Policy, in these cases.

Last updated November 21st, 2022.